Human Resources Management

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Course Outline: Human Resources Management

I. Introduction to Human Resources Management
A. Overview of human resources management (HRM)
B. Importance and role of HRM in organizations
C. Evolution and trends in HRM

II. Strategic HRM Planning
A. Strategic HRM process and methodology
B. HRM alignment with organizational goals and objectives
C. Environmental scanning and workforce planning

III. Recruitment and Selection
A. Recruitment strategies and techniques
B. Job analysis and job design
C. Selection methods and techniques (e.g., interviews, assessments)

IV. Employee Onboarding and Orientation
A. Importance of effective onboarding
B. Onboarding process and best practices
C. Orientation programs and employee integration

V. Training and Development
A. Training needs assessment
B. Training methods and techniques
C. Employee development programs and career planning

VI. Performance Management
A. Performance appraisal process and methods
B. Setting performance goals and expectations
C. Feedback and coaching for performance improvement

VII. Compensation and Benefits
A. Overview of compensation and benefits management
B. Compensation strategies and structures
C. Employee benefits administration and management

VIII. Employee Relations
A. Managing employee relations and conflicts
B. Employee engagement strategies
C. Workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives

IX. Legal and Ethical Issues in HRM
A. Employment laws and regulations
B. Equal employment opportunity (EEO) and diversity management
C. Ethical considerations in HRM practices

X. Workplace Health and Safety
A. Occupational health and safety regulations
B. Workplace wellness programs
C. Managing workplace injuries and accidents

XI. HR Information Systems
A. Role of technology in HRM
B. HRIS implementation and management
C. Data analytics for HR decision-making

XII. Global HRM and International HRM
A. Overview of global HRM challenges and opportunities
B. Managing international assignments and expatriates
C. Cultural competence and diversity in global HRM

XIII. HRM Trends and Future Directions
A. Emerging trends in HRM (e.g., remote work, gig economy)
B. Future directions of HRM practice and research
C. Implications for HRM professionals and organizations.

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