Welcome to Our Accreditation Page. We are accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority of Kenya.


We are accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority of Kenya (NITA)








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We are accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), among other institution as a competent firm specializing in consultancy, market research, and training services provider in both public and private sectors.

We only use state-of-the art scientific methods and techniques to ensure your projects meet highest quality. Our competent and experienced staff will make sure your projects are handled to the highest international standards.

YES. Start-ups are delicate and risky operations that require careful handling. Risks are high and many things can go wrong, even under the most watchful eyes of experienced managers.

We subject new start-ups through rigorous analyses and split-testing to ensure nothing goes wrong under live operations.

YES. We provide training in various areas of competence, including Data Science, Research Methodologies, Statistical Techniques, and Data Analysis using Statistical Software. Visit our Training Page for further details.

We conduct market research using state-of-the-art scientific methods and techniques such as surveys, experiments, questionnaires, Interviews, case studies, participant and non-participant observation, observational trials, and Studies using the Delphi method, etc.

In this day and age, speed of execution is more important than merely running a business. Slow speed means you’re overtaken by competitors even before you wake up.

We were able to complete some of our clients work in record time and on budget. Our happy clients have a lot to say regarding our service delivery.

Our competent professionals and business consultants will first arrange a first meeting with you, with a view to establish your specific business needs. The meeting can be held in person, zoom, or through teleconferencing.

After the first discussion, our team will do a fact-finding and determine whether a second meeting is necessary. Our team will then recommend a solution and do follow-ups.

We are privileged to served at least 100 happy clients and counting. More importantly, most of our clients have given us the thumbs-ups and positive reviews.

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