Purchasing and Supply Course

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Course Outline: Purchasing and Supply

I. Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Management
A. Overview of purchasing and supply management
B. Importance and role of purchasing and supply in organizations
C. Evolution and trends in purchasing and supply management

II. Supply Chain Management
A. Fundamentals of supply chain management
B. Supply chain relationships and coordination
C. Supply chain performance measurement and optimization

III. Strategic Sourcing
A. Strategic sourcing process and methodology
B. Supplier selection and evaluation
C. Negotiation strategies and supplier relationship management

IV. Procurement Processes
A. Procurement planning and forecasting
B. Purchase requisition and approval processes
C. Purchase order processing and contract management

V. Inventory Management
A. Inventory control methods and techniques
B. Inventory valuation and cost management
C. Demand forecasting and inventory optimization

VI. Supplier Management and Development
A. Supplier performance measurement and evaluation
B. Supplier development and improvement initiatives
C. Managing supplier relationships and partnerships

VII. Logistics and Transportation Management
A. Overview of logistics management
B. Transportation modes and routing strategies
C. Warehousing and distribution management

VIII. Global Sourcing and International Trade
A. Global sourcing strategies and challenges
B. Import/export regulations and compliance
C. Managing cross-border logistics and supply chain risks

IX. Technology and Innovation in Purchasing and Supply
A. Role of technology in purchasing and supply management
B. E-procurement and digital supply chain solutions
C. Innovations in supply chain automation and analytics

X. Sustainable Procurement and Corporate Social Responsibility
A. Sustainable procurement practices and principles
B. Environmental and social impact of supply chain operations
C. Ethical sourcing and corporate social responsibility initiatives

XI. Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning
A. Identifying and assessing supply chain risks
B. Risk mitigation strategies and contingency planning
C. Business continuity management in supply chain operations

XII. Case Studies and Best Practices
A. Analysis of real-world purchasing and supply management cases
B. Examination of best practices in purchasing and supply chain management
C. Lessons learned and implications for practice

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